Technical Control Procedure for Motorcycles

We remind that motorcycles above 50cc (and light vehicles) required for roadworthiness (MOT)

In 4 years from the date of registration and then every two years.

Initially, the vehicle is controlled in the exhaust gas (motorcycles that are before ’99 not submitted an exhaust control).
Before conducting the measurements are made the necessary checks in order to ascertain that Save for the impossible control reasons:

  • The exhaust system is complete, leaks or holes.
  •  It is not possible to measure due to wear or the exhaust system output variation, which prevents the introduction of the recipient.
  • The exhaust emission control equipment (catalyst) loaded by Manufacturer is not complete or in good condition and FREE of leaks.
  • The idle speed is not stable or within the time limits (800 eos 1200 rpm or as specified by the manufacturer with a tolerance of ± 100 rpm).

The controller locates the magnetic sensor in the engine block, wherein the pulses sees

computer turns and the exhaust position the flue measurement receiver.

Thus, the computer displays these items for the exhaust of the vehicle idling:

To see the auditor if passes or does not pass the vehicle by only looking at the exhaust corrected concentration of carbon monoxide (COcorr) vol.

If the vehicle is before 2003, the value should not exceed 5.4%, while after ’03 4.5%.

After the brakes are measured (front, rear)

5And the display shows the average of the braking performance of the two wheels

5If the yield is less than 15% of the vehicle is cut.

Then the lights checked:

And the display intensity light beam:

The vehicle passes control lights if the intensity (LUX) is between 32 and 240.

Then the controller checks if the chassis number, engine number, the sign and the color

They are the same as those indicated in the license and legally.

After taking a visual inspection of the vehicle looking: lever, pedals, discs, leaks and protruding objects (cables etc.), handlebars, forks, wheels, stand, side sills, seats, horn, mirrors, tires, suspension, hazard lights, directional lights