Technical Control Procedure for Passenger Vehicles and Light Trucks

car1The technical inspection begins from the recognition of the vehicle’s identity. The vehicle identification is made by the authorization.

The authorization has the basic elements of the registration number, chassis number, color, engine number. From these basic elements we check if our vehicle is what writes the authorization.

The Scrutineering 80% is computerized. Initially, the analyzer control exhaust pollutants to start a vehicle.

car2For gasoline engines check the setting in hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. Also on catalytic control technology and l.

In diesel cars watching the smoke. Measure to accurately cholerotita soot.

Then, the vehicle passes sygklisiometro, there we see how much convergence or divergence is our vehicle.

car3After sygklisiometro our vehicle climbs to amortiserometro to measure the weight and then with a force that gives the car amortiserometro check the correct operation of each shock absorber and a total axle operation of shock absorbers.

car4After the car pass by frenometro to keep a check on the brakes. In frenometro watching each wheel separately, as output, and then as in the damper control braking axle. In frenometro is also checking the handbrake.

car5After frenometro, the vehicle is controlled to passing and driving lights. In the measurement of lights watching good shooting to passing lights, volume and intensity in headlights.

car6During scrutineering the controller measures the correct operation of the show outside the origi direction indicators and emergency lights in the rear.

After measuring the light vehicle driven in katopefsis pit. There is the tzogometro which give forces to the vehicle to see if there are tolerances or if there are problems in the steering or braking system.

car7In katopefsis pit watching the engine, powertrain and fueling the correct operation of evaporation.