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January 20, 2017

The E.U. kills diesel (from AUTOTRITI)

In April 2017 the EU not only will announce more stringent emissions limits, but a realistic way metering. Manufacturers sit on hot coals, while everything indicates that in five years will not circulate new diesel.
The European Union in 1992 puts manufacturers specific emission limits (Euro). From September 2015 until today applies the standard Euro6 (read more here), while in April 2017 it announced new, stricter Euro7 limits, and new measurement process of consumption and emissions.

This scares a lot of manufacturers and is seated on burning coals, why throw emissions-especially in diesel engines; wants a lot of time and money. They did 10years ago with gasoline, but now the start of research and development from the beginning to the diesel is costly.

the new way of measuring consumption and emissions will also simulates the real driving, it is that with mobile devices on the road and not on the bench of a laboratory, where every manufacturer can take advantage of “loopholes.” As you can see, the new procedure established by the EU puts both feet of manufacturers in a shoe.

Also, note that since 2021 will enter into force the second phase, where the limit for NOx emissions will fall even more.
Then, manufacturers will necessarily stop the development and promotion of diesel engines, since they can not develop new and inexpensive technologies that reduce NOx emissions

If now all you seem more improbable, read the events of the last period which show that the end of diesel approaching.

1. The Special Commissioner of the European Union, Ms. Vera Jourova contacted the Secretary General Consumer Protection in 20 countries (28) announcing harsh fines for companies that get caught polluting.

2. Renault’s reaction (which gives diesel engines and to Nissan and Mercedes) was immediate. He announced that the new data leaves the development of diesel for everyday cars (small-medium-sized) and that after 2020 will have diesel engines only in very expensive and commercial vehicles.

3. At the same time, in Greece, the Government announced that he would not proceed with the increase in diesel price, but will do so if revenue targets are not caught. So where to yes comes this increase.