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Have you been to KTEO for a technical vehicle check before?


A. Organised

1) Was your communication with IKTEO for your appointment easy?
Very GoodModerateUnacceptable

2) If you are already our client, did we inform you in time about when to come for your next vehicle inspection?
Very GoodModerateUnacceptable

3) The observance of the appointment agreed by IKTEO?
Very GoodModerateUnacceptable

B. Service

1) If you did not have an appointment, did we assist you quick enough?
Very GoodModerateUnacceptable

2) The technical information given to you by the staff of IKTEO concerning your vehicle inspection?
Very GoodModerateUnacceptable

3) Was the technical staff available to help answer any questions you had about the inspection?
Very GoodModerateUnacceptable

C. Staff

How do you Rate;

1) The assistance/service from the staff?
Very GoodModerateUnacceptable

2) The staff's general appearance?
Very GoodModerateUnacceptable

D) Building/Offices - Equipment

What is your opinion?

1) The general environment;
Very GoodModerateUnacceptable

2) Cleanliness?
Very GoodModerateUnacceptable

3) Access to IKTEO? Was it easy?
Very GoodModerateUnacceptable

Ε) Price

1) The price of your technical inspection?
Very GoodModerateUnacceptable

What convinced you to come to IKTEO Chanion?

Suitable operation hoursSuitable tripServicePreference of companyPriceOther

How did you find out about IKTEO Chanion?

From a friend / someone I knowInformative signsAdvertising brochureNewspaperYellow PagesInternetRadio

Will you choose to use IKTEO Chanion again?


If No, why not?

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