Trucks - Trailers - Combinations

The inspection of the vehicles mentioned takes about 30 ‘
The documents that you must have with you are the following:

  1. Vehicle license.
  2. Identification card or driving license.
  3. previous roadworthiness certificate.
  4. Tachograph certificate.
  5. Speed limiter certificate or statutory declaration not supply obligation.
  6. Certificate administration electronically readable signal and the corresponding electronic signal (for public use vehicles)
  7. Memo from the transport service, the existence hydraulic door, where fitted retrospectively
  8. OR Certificate manufacturing plant, or a representative, to design hydraulic door
  9. hoist Certificate (involves crane vehicles)
  10. Flying to the corner plate F.D.CH indicating that the permit for excavation works, if not bearing angular plate: memo stating that never takes backhoe and demolition products.
  11. Be indicated in the permit the existence tilting mechanism if brought respectively.
  12. The removable body transport Vehicles (bins) must supply, Certified drawings removable body and notes from the transport direction
  13. The perishable goods transport vehicles (food) required to provide certificate ATP
  14. The fuel vehicles or other hazardous materials:
  • Approval Certificate ADR
  • Sheet Inspection Body Test

In addition the vehicle must have:

  • Chock
  • Triangle
  • Pharmacy
  • Fire extinguisher:
  • – For categories N1, N3 1 (a) fire extinguisher type 1, 8A, 34B, C 1000V E Type 1, 8A 34B C 1000V (attention to the expiration date)
  • – For category N2, 1 Type 3 fire extinguisher, 21A 113B C 1000V E