Exhaust Control Card

Inspection of the exhaust system takes about 10′
The documents that you must have with you are:


1. Vehicle license.

ΜBased on current data every car must be fitted with an Exhaust System Inspection Card if it has completed one year from the date of authorization. The card must be renewed every 12 months for private use and every six months for commercial vehicles (such as taxis and trucks> 3.5tn).

The “Exhaust System Inspection Card” (VTC) was established under the authority of Article 3 of N.2052 / 92. It is based on measures to tackle smog in large urban centers and implemented by setting specific emission control for all categories of vehicles.
According to the “institution of VTC” all current cars will periodically be checked to see if the exhaust emissions are within the permissible limits and provided with a printed KEK.

From 01/01/2011 under the law code. 3897 / 10-12-2010, any vehicle which undergoes a periodic technical inspection which includes an exhaust system inspection, the Technical inspection Card (TCC) entailing an Exhaust Systems inspection Card (VTC) .